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Re: HELP: Installing Debian in a Bussines

ranty@soon.com wrote:
  >	My father wants to make some changes in his Bussines and I am
  >trying to get Debian/Linux into those changes.
  >	I will explain myself:
  >He is going to change his system:
  >Computer: FUJITSU TITAN2600 (with 24 terminals)
  >O.S.: PICK O.A. v5.2
  >With: Terminal based menues for entering, changing, checking data on each
  >With a network (Debian if I can help it)
  >	The idea is that if I can give him a Debian/Linux based system which
  >fits his needs he installs it, also he wants tu use ( at least for a while) 
  >old programs so something like a PICK O.A. interpreter should be perfect and
  >also needs to port the data to the new system.
  >What I think he needs:
  >	-A PICK interpreter or so.

I don't know of any freeware PICK product.  PICK Systems make a Linux
version of their software; you can also run JBase.  You can run a
SCO version of UniVerse if you use the iBCS kernel module to run
COFF executables.

  >	-Something to convert the old data.

Write a DataBasic program to dump data out to tape in a set format.  Read
it in again on the new machine.  (If the OA system is co-existing with Unix
you could perhaps make a network connection.

  >     -Some program to later on replace that ¿PICK interpreter?

The PICK data model is unique.  If you use an SQL database like PostgreSQL,
you will need to rework the design of the database; multi-valued fields
will have to be normalised.  It's a big job.

  >	-Probably some way to keep both systems in parallel.

You will need to define input and dump routines for both systems (unless
the traffic is one-way only).  Do the update via tape.

[for tape read floppy if appropriate]
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