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On Tue, Dec 02, 1997 at 01:03:47PM -0500, David B. Teague wrote:
> I just visited the url mentioned. I see no place to 'vote' for Debian on
> that site at this point. The voting seems to be on the issue of whether
> slashdot should include movie reviews.  It is likely too late to vote on
> the Debian-Redhat issue there. 

Yup. I was checking regularly for the results of the poll. They didn't
have the results of the poll up after it finished, so who knows what
the final results were... apart from those @slashdot.org. Makes it
rather pointless really.

> Note that everybody in the world sells Red Hat, Red Hat actively promotes
> itself by advertising, and there doesn't seem to be any commercial effort
> to promote Debian. I conclude that this vote is at least a moral victory
> for Debian, if not more than that. 

If this poll represents the majority, it would seem that Debian has a
large following that is not prone to advocacy as the Red Hat crowd
while Slackware is a rather noisy minority.

> BTW: Congrats Ian, and Kudos to Bruce, for a job well done. 

Ditto that :-). Well done Debian developers.

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