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Dominic Davidson wrote:
> Yup. I was checking regularly for the results of the poll. They didn't
> have the results of the poll up after it finished, so who knows what
> the final results were... apart from those @slashdot.org. Makes it
> rather pointless really.

They stopped the poll when redhat 5 was released, when redhat had about 50
to 100 more votes in the poll (1 or 2% more of the vote, in other words). The 
problem with that poll was, they basically stopped it when they felt like it.
If  they had stopped it a day earlier, debian would have won..

> If this poll represents the majority, it would seem that Debian has a
> large following that is not prone to advocacy as the Red Hat crowd
> while Slackware is a rather noisy minority.

Yeah, that's sort of theimpression I got. You don't see a huge volume of 
debian postings on usenet, but we basically tied redhat in the poll.

see shy jo

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