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making a master hard disk for installation

hmm, the on again, off-again linux/486/xterminal project seems on again :)

What we're doing is turning 486's into xterminals for our alphas.  They'll 
only have about 8mb, and from 80-200 of hd, but what the heck :)

I have seized control of some spare drives, and want to dedicate a 200mb hard 
drive as an installation disk.  I figure to attach it with a second ide 
controller, which will be permanently assigned to the disk.

What I'm thinking is to have a small dos partition, with enough to for 
loadlin, resc.bin and drvrs.bin, then to put the rest on an ext2 partition.

So installing would be a matter of

1) pull cover, add memory and/or drive, add installation drive.

2) boot from the existing dos, and use loadlin to read in resc & drvr.

3) mount the ex2 partition.  Or can I change /etc/fstab in root.bin to 
automount /dev/hdc2??

4) go through rest of installation.

5) run dpkg on the rest of the .deb files.

Or, would it be easier to simply make the root.bin, and leave the installation 
drive served up as nfs?

Or, to simply copy the whole file system, as the only differences between the 
systems will be their IP/names, ram & hd size, and the amount of ram on the 
video card (hey, they're apex.  Bought at the same time, and all slightly 
different.  Even found a 540 drive in one posing as a 200 . . .)


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