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Installation Problem

I'm installing the current Debian onto a 486 machine at work and am having
some problems.  I'm pretty much following the installation steps exactly
as the installation script tells me.  The problem occurs when I get to the
'Net Configuration' portion of the setup. I enter the machine name, IP
address, etc. and it asks me the default network device (eth0, etc.) and I
select 'eth0'.  When I press 'return' the machine just freezes.  

Previously in the installation I had installed the driver for an Intel
EtherExpress Ethernet card.

I tried it twice, with exactly the same results.  The third time I didn't
install the driver for the Ethernet card and didn't configure the network
and the install finished fine.

The puzzling thing about this is that I had previously install Debian on
this machine about a month ago without any problem.  The Ethernet hardware
is exactly the same, in fact all of the hardware in the machine is exactly
the same.  I'm re-installing it because at that time I had scrounged a
small, second hard disk to put in the machine and installed Debian on
that, leaving Win95 on the first hard drive.  Well, I've decided that
Win95 does me no good on this machine and so I'm going to eradicate it and
just have a Debian machine.  So now I am trying to install on the first
drive '/dev/hda'.

Any thoughts as to what might be causing the freeze when selecting the
default network device?


Steve Witt                                              (714) 730-3245
PairGain Technologies, Inc.

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