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Installation problem


I just got a Micron Transport XKE and I'm trying to install debian.
The problem I have is that after booting of the kernel from the
rescue1440 diskette and entering the menu for the istallation the system
hangs. The keyboard does not work any more and I have to turn off/on the
computer to reboot.
The hard drive and the cd-rom are correctly detected. 

At the beginning I get some warnings about Hardware detection. I read
the hardware compatibility HOWTO and found this problem. They basically
say to ignore the warnings.
So looks like this is not the problem ... maybe.

Another thing. In the installation guide is said to disable all
shadowing on video and bios. I discovered that the bios setup utility
does not allow me to change the default setting (shadow ram enabled on
video and bios) so it looks like is permanently enabled.

Micron Tranport XKE 200 Mhz MMX
Intel 430TX chipset
Phoenix NoteBIOS 4.0 release 6.0
64M Ram

Cannot stand this windows 95 any more !!!!! 

Many thanks for any help.

Guglielmo Rabbiolo 		
Mathematics Department - Purdue University - West Lafayette IN USA
rabbio@math.purdue.edu - http://www.math.purdue.edu/~rabbio

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