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Re: PnP modem woes continue, IRQ never fires for modem

Charles Read wrote:
> > Another test-- can you use the modem with one of Windows'
> > "Standard 28800 modem" type drivers, or do you have
> > to use on specifically for your modem?
> A tech-support person at Cybermax Computer, which
> built my system, just told me that all of their 56K modems
> are "Windows-based".  We walked through a simple
> AT command under DOS, and COM1 (ie, 0x3f8) emitted
> an I/O error.
> It appears my modem is one of the dreaded 'Win modems'.
> > AFAIK WinModem is a USR idea, while your modem is Lucent
> > based, ie K56Flex (USR is x2). So I think it's unlikely
> > to be the problem.
> Interesting.  Computer Peripherals made my modem.
> Maybe they make 'Win modems' based on the Lucent
> chipset.  At least that appears to be the case.
> I guess I have to buy another modem...Sigh.
> -c

Bad news follows! :(

I had a "winmodem" based on the Lucent chipset and went
through exactly what you're going through.  Luckily it
crapped out while under warranty and the replacement I got
was based on the Rockwell chipset, which uses a real UART,
and works fine under Linux.  You definitely have a dreaded
"winmodem" and unless you have access to proprietary
information from Lucent and the board manufacturer AND you
have the ability to write the signal processing and
interface control software for that chipset, your modem will
never work under Linux.


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