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Re: PnP modem woes continue, IRQ never fires for modem

> Another test-- can you use the modem with one of Windows'
> "Standard 28800 modem" type drivers, or do you have
> to use on specifically for your modem?

A tech-support person at Cybermax Computer, which
built my system, just told me that all of their 56K modems
are "Windows-based".  We walked through a simple
AT command under DOS, and COM1 (ie, 0x3f8) emitted
an I/O error. 

It appears my modem is one of the dreaded 'Win modems'.

> AFAIK WinModem is a USR idea, while your modem is Lucent
> based, ie K56Flex (USR is x2). So I think it's unlikely
> to be the problem.

Interesting.  Computer Peripherals made my modem.
Maybe they make 'Win modems' based on the Lucent
chipset.  At least that appears to be the case.

I guess I have to buy another modem...Sigh.

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