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Mailinglists documented

Good evening folks,

  Much of the the conversation between Debian developers and users is
  managed through several mailing lists.  Debian GNU/Linux is
  developed through distributed development all around the world.
  Therefore email is a preferred way to discuss various items.

  All the mailing lists that are served on lists.debian.org are now
  documented in one file and this should reflect their actual state.

  You'll find this file on your favourite Debian mirror in
  /debian/doc/mailing-lists.txt.  This file is a complete rewrite.

  Thanks to Bruce Perens for contributing the first version of this
  file.  I took over maintenance of this recently.  I will try to keep
  it up to date and to describe new lists.



  / Martin Schulze  *  Debian Linux Maintainer  *  joey@debian.org/
 / http://www.debian.org/              http://home.pages.de/~joey/

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