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RE: Get Your Mailbox Stuffed with CASH for the Holidays!

On Tue, 2 Dec 1997, Hogland, Thomas E. wrote:

> The word from the US Postal Service is: According to 18 USC sec 1302
> (the Postal Lottery Laws always quoted in these letters) , if the letter
> asks you to send money someplace and says that you'll make a big return
> on it by forwarding the letter, it's illegal. Doesn't matter if there's
> a product for sale or not - if it asks you to send money and promises
> you'll get money back it'll illegal. Also, if it's a "send a postcard
> and you'll get back a thousand postcards" it's legal (no $$$ changing
> hands and a postcard has no real value according to law). 18 USC 1341
> (or 1342 - I can't remember) says that causing this mail to be sent is
> illegal - you don't have to send it yourself... Fines range from $1000
> to $1,000,000 and jail time from 30 days to 30 years.
 the problem is the postal service laws have no sway on electronic mail and
this kind of message is currently totally legal :(

there are moves to make the junk-fax law cover e-mail as well but the
companies that use spam-email (like Cyberpromo.com) are fighting against it
with lobbyists, trying to pass other laws that would only curb spam-email at
the cost of the ISP and therefore the users who want ot be protected from

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