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Re: PnP modem woes continue, IRQ never fires for modem

On Tue, 2 Dec 1997, Charles Read wrote:

: Here's what I've done:
: 0. I installed isapnptools and set up the
:     /etc/isapnp.conf file, which is provided
:     below.  I based the configuration on the
:     readout for my modem within Win95.
: 1. I went through various setserial commands
:    as in the /usr/doc/isapnptools/README.modules
:    file.
: 3. I tried using both minicom and cu to connect
:     to the modem.  Neither echoes commands,
:     even if I say ATE1.  Nor does /proc/interrupts
:     indicate that the relevant IRQ is even firing at all.
: 4. I've looked in the BIOS, turned off PnP OS, turned
:     off unused onboard serial devices.  Also, in the
:     PnP/PCI submenu in the BIOS, I also toggled
:     to 'Legacy device' for the relevant IRQ and 2 of
:    the DMAs I thought were getting used.
:     [BTW, what is a 'Legacy device', and why would
:     you need it for a PnP modem?]
: 5. FYI, the modem is a ViVa 56K speaker/phone
:     with a Lucent 1643 chipset.  It works fine for
:     Win95.

Here's my question:

Is this merely a PnP modem, or one of those dreaded WinModems??  If so,
you're SOL ... the "It works fine under Win95" sounds suspicious to me.
Does it work in DOS (not a DOS window, command line type DOS.)  If yes,
then there is hope.  If no, then there is not.  I fought with a WinModem
a little over a year ago as a tech and it was frustrating - I hate them
and I won't buy them.

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