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Re: Postgres What do you think

On Tue, 2 Dec 1997, Paul wrote:

> Hi everybody, I wanted to say thanks for all your help with samba.  I have
> been investigating in a database package.  I was wondering if anybody uses
> postgres95.  I would like to have some feedback about this package.  Any
> problems, failures, sucesses or anything else that would be relavent.

Well I have Postgres95 but since then it changed name and version.
PostgreSQL 6.2.1 is latest version.

Well you can check at http://www.eurocom2000.com/poizvedba.html

It has a lot of entries in a database.

For that part I used wdb-p95.

Now I am downloading PostgreSQL 6.2.1 and will install it, hope old
programs are still compatible with it.

Othervise... anyone knows good tool for www-postgres conectivity?


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