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Re: Giving Net access to Win95 workstations on my network

You might want to look into IP Masquerading. Go look at this page


They have lots of info about masquerading those packets through a
Linux box.

Timm Gleason
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On Tue, 2 Dec 1997 22:24:01 -0000, Ian & Gill Watkins
<ianw@cyber.net.pk> wrote:

>How do I go about giving the Win95 workstations on my network access to the Net via my Linux box?
>They have TCP/IP installed and are using HOSTS & LMHOSTS files for name resolution. I can ping both ways server->Win95 , Win95 ->server, but the Win95 boxes can't see beyond the server. The server uses PPP for connection. I'm not expecting screaming service, but I want to learn...
>If this is detailed in a HOWTO please point me in the right direction.
>Ian W

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