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Re: Giving Net access to Win95 workstations on my network

On Tue, 2 Dec 1997, Ian & Gill Watkins wrote:

> How do I go about giving the Win95 workstations on my network access to
> the Net via my Linux box?

> They have TCP/IP installed and are using HOSTS & LMHOSTS files for name
> resolution. I can ping both ways server->Win95 , Win95 ->server, but the
> Win95 boxes can't see beyond the server. The server uses PPP for
> connection. I'm not expecting screaming service, but I want to learn...

You want to use IP Masquerading -- this will allow your Win95 boxes to see
past your server to the net.  Everything sent FROM your Win95 boxes will
appear (to the network on the other side) to have originated from the
linux server,  so the Win95 machines won't be directly acessible from the
external network.

Check out the IP Masquerading HowTo at


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