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Re: I must have missed the partition mount step...

Samuel Hahn writes:
> Hi...
> This morning was my first attempt to install Debian Linux (1.3). It went 
> pretty smoothly (I was impressed) except for 2 items I need to ask 
> about:
> 1. I seem to have missed the selection step that allows me to determine 
> which of my partitions I want to mount where (eg /usr, /usr/src, /home, 
> /usr/local, etc). I successfully partitioned them with cfdisk (nice 
> improvement over fdisk!), but the install must have skipped right over 
> that selection stage. So it's put into my 30Mb root partition the BASE 

Sounds like 'sausage finger syndrome' 8-)  ps. I suffer from it time to time.

> modules, and written stuff to /usr, /home. Can I recover easily from 
> this with some fstab munging, or is there a utility that will let me do 
> this sanely, or do I have to start over?

If you don't want to re-install, yes you will have to fix it by hand.
Otherwise, start over. 8-(

> 2. The set of packages is bewildering. I was installing from floppies, 
> due to a malfunction with my (Sony CDU-311) cdrom drive. The base 
> install was pretty manageable, but I can quickly see that it's 
> unadvisable to continue without a working CDROM (or net connection). Red 
> Hat and Debian both had problems with my CDROM (though DOS 6.22 did not, 
> at first; now it does... argh). However, where is the documentation 
> recommending which packages to install in what order? Minimum set 
> required for email, PPP, httpd?

Yes, the selection can be overwhelming. Look for a file called "Packages". The
info covers each package in the distribution along with dependency
information. (or use dselect <g>)

> PS. dselect is pretty cool. Where's the FAQ regarding its pros / cons 
> vis-a-vis RedHat Package Manager? Does Slackware have an equivalent? Is 
> it dangerous to install some using RPM and some using Debian? I 
> would assume so...

Use "alien" to import RPM packages into Debian. Then dpkg can install it.

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