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Re: download stalls

I just found what seems to be a cure to my download stall problem. I 
right-clicked on my filerunner titlebar (maximize) by sheer accident 
and I noted that the lights on the modem started blinking faster.  So I 
left it alone for a bit, and my downloads don't even begin to stall.

Another symptom is that when I invoke an xterm, but don't pin it down 
(so only the outline shows), the modem lights completely stop.  I 
forgot to mention that I've had the same occurance with ncftp, which is 
console based.  These finding seems to point to either the X-server, or 
else the window manager (afterstep).  In either case, I think I can 
deal with it by dragging the maximized filerunner into a corner out of 
the way.

While I had previously noticed that minimizing soon resulted in a 
stall, I never thought of maximizing (I run 1280x1024, so that's 
unwieldy). Usually I don't solve problems by accident, but that's OK. 


On Mon, 01 Dec 1997 22:54:48 GMT, David Stern wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm doing some downloading with filerunner right now, have ran renice 
> -20 on asmodem and tkwish(filerunner), but still notice that my 
> download will stall, as indicated by my asmodem display and filerunner 
> transfer status display, under certain conditions, particularly 
> following a http or ftp
> request by another web or ftp client, but also when simply starting 
> another application or even opening an xterm, and sometimes during a 
> lengthy download it will occur after a period of user inactivity, 
> usually the modem display will slow to a crawl before the download 
> stalls.
> I download from everywhere imaginable, at all hours, and load levels, 
> and this is constant.  For overnight downloads, I have to set the ftp 
> timeout to 15 minutes to stay alive (it has died at up to 12 minutes).  
> I am not experiencing a quota limitation, and I have ample cpu and 
> memory resources; 64MB, P133.
> I've also found that several actions will cause download to continue, 
> mostly having to do with the changing focus and the mouse location; 
> i.e.: changing the focus on and off of filerunner will usually cause 
> download to continue.  Typing in a text editor will keep the modem 
> blinking faster and longer, but won't restart a stalled download.
> I'm using "click-to-focus", which is the preferred default for 
> afterstep, yet the behavior I experience seems to be a hybrid of 
> primarily "click-to-focus" with a little "focus-follows-mouse" mixed 
> in. This is evidenced quite clearly when in netscape, with filerunner 
> downloading, netscape will fail to load a webpage if the focus is on a 
> non-netscape frame and I move the mouse out of the netscape frame; 
> subsequently download will continue if the mouse is allowed to drift 
> into the netscape frame (still without focus in the netscape frame).
> There are so many potential causes of this behavior, ranging from the 
> individual apps to my X-server and windowmanager, all of which have 
> their own peculiar "features" (heh, heh). I haven't tried mc in console 
> mode yet, but that shouldn't be necessary.
> Does this make sense to anyone?  I hope I haven't wasted your time.
> David

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