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download stalls


I'm doing some downloading with filerunner right now, have ran renice 
on asmodem and tkwish(filerunner), but still find that my download will
stall, as indicated by my asmodem display and filerunner transfer status
display, under certain conditions, particularly following a http or ftp
request by another web or ftp client, but also when simply starting
another application or even opening an xterm, and sometimes during a
lengthy download it will occur after a period of user inactivity, 
the modem display will slow to a crawl before the download stalls.  
I download from everywhere imaginable, at all hours, and load levels, 
this is constant.  For overnight downloads, I have to set the ftp 
to 15 minutes to stay alive (it has died at up to 12 minutes).  I am 
experiencing a quota limitation, and I have ample cpu and memory
resources; 64MB, P133, latest, most stable releases of everything.

I've also found that several actions will cause download to continue,
mostly having to do with the changing focus and the mouse location; 
changing the focus on and off of filerunner will usually cause download 
continue.  Typing in a text editor will keep the modem blinking faster 
longer, but won't restart a stalled download (mouse motion not as good).

I'm using "click-to-focus", which is the preferred default for 
yet the behavior I experience seems to be a hybrid of primarily
"click-to-focus" with a little "focus-follows-mouse" mixed in. This is 
evidenced quite clearly when in netscape, with filerunner downloading, 
netscape will fail to load a webpage if the focus is on a non-netscape 
frame and I move the mouse out of the netscape frame; subsequently
download will continue if the mouse is allowed to drift into the 
frame (still without focus in the netscape frame).

There are so many potential causes of this behavior, ranging from the
individual apps to my X-server and windowmanager, all of which have 
own peculiar "features" (heh, heh). I haven't tried mc in console mode
yet, but that shouldn't be necessary.

Does this make sense to anyone?  I keep hoping it'll get fixed in the 
releases, but that never happens.  


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