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Re: Packaging Gimp .99.15

> Anyone notice that the Gimp available for Debian 1.3.1 is the old .54
> version?  I have downloaded and successfully compile .99.15 on a libc5
> system, however if you want to get this version (actually .99.14 last I
> looked) from Debian you HAVE to install from the "hamm" area, and that
> requires upgrading to libc6 (which is a pain at best).

Just my $0.02 here.  I had this annoyance to and eventually gave in and
upgraded to libc6...  while I guess other people had problems, I simply
followed the instructions from the Mini Howto and had a grand total of one
problem, some slight utmp corruption (which is hardly a earth shattering

All I did was upgrade the related packages and everything has worked

If you feel up to it (it really isn't that bad if you are at all familiar
with Debian/Linux) just upgrade, and lets have our developers spend time
doing cooler things then maintaining backwards compatibility... besidees
hopefully 2.0 will be out soon :)


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