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Re: Packaging Gimp .99.15

Adam Shand wrote:
> > Anyone notice that the Gimp available for Debian 1.3.1 is the old .54
> > version?  I have downloaded and successfully compile .99.15 on a libc5
> > system, however if you want to get this version (actually .99.14 last I
> > looked) from Debian you HAVE to install from the "hamm" area, and that
> > requires upgrading to libc6 (which is a pain at best).
> Just my $0.02 here.  I had this annoyance to and eventually gave in and
> upgraded to libc6...  while I guess other people had problems, I simply
> followed the instructions from the Mini Howto and had a grand total of one
> problem, some slight utmp corruption (which is hardly a earth shattering
> problem).
> All I did was upgrade the related packages and everything has worked
> painlessly.
> If you feel up to it (it really isn't that bad if you are at all familiar
> with Debian/Linux) just upgrade, and lets have our developers spend time
> doing cooler things then maintaining backwards compatibility... besidees
> hopefully 2.0 will be out soon :)

Maybe I wasn't as clear as I could have been in my first message.  Gimp
.99.15 compiles without a quirk on libc5.  I see no reason to abandon a
perfectly stable system just to upgrade to the libc6 compliant Debian
dist, just to run one app.

I have already upgraded my boxes at work to the libc6 Debian release..
however, I am not ready to do so at home for the moment.  And as things
go.. there are plenty of people out here in libc5 land that are just
tickled to stay with our existing systems for a while longer (until the
Debian package for libc6 finally gets more robust, and bug-tested).

Speaking of which.. there are certain things at work which didn't mesh
well with the "hamm" upgrade.. namely NIS, xcontrib, xdm, and a few
others.  It seems that even the newer version of NIS is not backwardly
compatible with older versions... (why this is I haven't a clue).. 

Anyways.. enough of my bitchin'... just wanted to clear the air.

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