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Re: Pine

On Mon, 1 Dec 1997, Jeremy Blonde wrote:

> I'm trying to setup pine and so far I can't figure a couple of things out.
> I want it to download email from my isp.  Right now I don't care about local
> mail (I'll work with that later).  However I keep getting a imap error?  I
> have the domain set correctly (cardina.net, see email address below).  And I
> have the smtp server set to mail.cardina.net (obviously our mail server).
> But what should I have for my inbox path {mail.cardina.net}?.  Am I missing
> something else?  Do I need smail correctly configured?  If so, what do I
> need to edit.  Also for some reason when and email is sent to
> root@jeremy.cardina.net (I have static ip) it doesn't go to my inbox, it
> goes to the sysadmin's.  Any help would be appreciated.

I don't know how far you have configured things, but:

Pine is only a mailreader, it needs a mail transport and delivery system,
(though with pine you can actually read mail while keeping it on a remote

Since you have static ip, you'll want to setup the underlying MTA and then
configure pine to use that. With static ip, you can easily get it
configured with the installation scripts. 

(It is worth to mention fetchmail here. If you can't get your ISP to
spool SMTP mail when you're offline and to send the batch when you
connect (but you should try to get them to do that for you,) then you can
use fetchmail to pull mail from an inbox on the ISP's server and give it
to your local MTA. In fact, I think you can let fetchmail do much of the
MTA work and if you are prepared to do without local mail and can send
mail to an SMTP-relaying server, then you could even do without an MTA.
But it is non-standard (read: harder) to do. Since you already have a
fixed ip, go for the MTA.)

Pine then configures and works out of the box, presuming that it can rely 
on a well-configured local MTA.

If you want to use pine while bypassing a local MTA (and it is in fact
possible, but you don't want it) then you must configure it to use your
provider's IMAP services. But is is harder to do than just hitting enter
6 times when smail is configured and another 4 times when pine is.

First try it the simple way and then try to do acrobatics.



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