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Re: problem with PS2 mouse

KIN KOI LO wrote:
>I want to use my PC Concepts mouse. It is a PS/2 compatable mouse. Some
people >told me to install the psaux.o module first. When I use the
"modconf" to >install the driver, I get the following error message:
>device or resource is busy
>Then some people told me that since the mouse is connected to the serial
port. >I don't need to install the driver. Then I used the following
command to >configure it:
>gpm -m /dev/ttyS0 -t ps2
>Again I get error messages periodically.
>ttyS0: 2 input overrun(s)
>Then people told me to change the UART.
>setserial /dev/ttyS0 uart 8250
>It doesn't work either. 
>Would anyone tell me what should I do?

the device is not /dev/ttyS0 (which is the serial port)
but /dev/psaux (the ps2 port)

Benoit Joly

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