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Re: X Windows

Allen Burns wrote:
> [Snip]
> As far as X as I have xbase.deb Xlib6.dev and two
> servers, I got the one that SHOULD work with my graph. card and I also
> downloaded the SVGA generic server, I did this on a MSDOS (this is msdos
> because I don't have linux up and running on the i.net yet.) zip disk and
> used (in dselect) the unmounted filesystem option or something like that.
> It said that it installed but I couldn't find X Setup or anything. Thanx

Well for one thing, if you are ever going to install any Debian packages
whatsoever, I would recommend using either dselect, or in a case where
you don't have net access, or a local distribution media, go to the
debian web page and get the packages from their package section (which
sad to say has been down lately).  The reason for this is that it will
automatically tell you what other packages you will need for the install

Now on to the meat... if you have everything installed, you might try
running as root...


and then ...


Be sure to read the instructions in xf86config carefully, as most
problems with X come from incorrect values specified for monitor
capabilities and card types.

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