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Re: permissions

Adam Shand writes:
> > I just moved my Linux to a larger hard drive. Unfortunately, root appears to
> > own everything. What is the easiest way to fix the permissions? I still have
> > the original drive that I moved from and can still mount it.
> The easist way is to copy it from the original again and either use 'cp
> -a' which will preserve permissions correctly or use tar which will also
> preserve permissions correctly.
> Becarefull about overwriting /proc and /dev though as that can cause
> problems.

Actually, I did have to put the drives back to original configuration and
re-copy the root partition into the new drive. I retained various messages
about methods which could be used. The following two worked correctly:

(for my /var partition after mounting the new replacement on /mnt)
cd /var; cp -a * /mnt

(for the new root partition mounted on /mnt using a working system as source)
cd /;find . -path './mnt' -prune -or -print | cpio -dump /mnt

I then 'rm -r *' the contents of the /mnt/proc & /mnt/var directories since
they would become mounting points for the future working system. After
clearing those directories, I did a 'shutdown', swap of drives, fixed CMOS
settings on power-up, booted via rescue floppy, and ran LILO. Now I have
breathing space 8-)

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