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Re: Mounting CDROM

david.j.jasper writes:
> I have recently installed Linux, and am having trouble locating the device name 
> of my cd. I see, in the boot up, that the cd is detected, but do not see the 
> device name.
> Does anyone know how I can locate this?
> Dave

OK, what sort of drive is it? (IDE, SCSI, etc.) Some hints:
1) read /usr/doc/HOWTO/CDROM-HOWTO.gz "zless /usr/doc/HOWTO/CDROM-HOWTO.gz"
2) IDE based drives are usually mounted as an entire drive, Like /dev/hdb or
3) If you have SCSI, look for /dev/sr0 or /dev/sr1
4) Propietary drives, look for devices in the cdrom group.

As to what actual designation is to be given to your CDROM drive, that will
depend on how your hardware is arranged. ok?

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