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ownership and permissions


If root initiates pon (pppd is owned by root, group dip), how can I 
setup /etc/ppp/ip-up so that it runs /home/user/.checkformail as user 
(not root)?
I know several ways root can get the job without being user, `here' 
`there' in fetchmailrc is one, and I know I can change permissions on 
pppd to run pon as user, though I've never been able to get that to 
work, but I'd like it to run as user regardless of who initiates pon.  
I didn't find much in man su.

Speaking of su, I have a root window (rxvt -e su --) in a user X-window 
session, and I seem to not be able to run X apps from the root window 
due to the DISPLAY env variable, but it is identical to user's (0:0), 
and running xhost complains about an invalid magic cookie, unable to 
open display.  What do I need to do to get X apps to run from a root 
window in a user's X-window session?

This is my first (non-test) message from exmh, so I hope it looks ok.

David Stern

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