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Re: XWindows

On Fri, 21 Nov 1997, Jeremy Blonde wrote:

> Well, I was able to get my modem working just fine.  Thanks for all the help
> everyone provided.  But now I've got another problem.  When I start xwindows
> (using startx) it begins to load and then quits saying it couldn't load
> fonts and connect to the unix server.  I'll include the error messages in an
> email later so that you can see what I'm saying.  As before, if anyone has
> found a article that has worked for them, could you point me to it? (I've
> read the ones on the debian.org and linux.org)  Or if you know what's
> happening, I'd appreciate your help.
> Thanks in advance,
> Jeremy
> jeremy@cardina.net
> http://www.cardina.net/~jeremy
Hi Jeremy.
Maybe you have forgot to install fonts during instalation of X.
Some times ago I have similar problem with Slackware and XFree there.
I have repeted instalation of X and added 75dpi fonts ( maybe 100dpi to
but it was a long time ago when we think about linux development).

Arnold. mazur@dit.gbpz.tpnet.pl

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