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Re: Memory and printing

"G. Kapetanios" <gk205@cus.cam.ac.uk> writes:

> Hi,
> I am thinking of bying a laser printer but I have one question. I
> will be printing some large documents with lots of graphics in
> them. The files will have the postscript format. For example one
> file I recently printed was 6.2 Mb. The cheapest laser printer is HP
> 6L with 1 Mb of memory. Does this mean I will not be able to print
> my files which are larger than 1 Mb? Or doesn't it matter as long as
> my computer memory is large enough ?  Any hint will be appreciated.

The printer will be unable to print *pages* which pixels (as provided
by Ghostscript) will not fit in memory.  If you have 10 pages, each
needing about 600k, you only need 600k for printing them as the pages
are discarded from memory as soon they are printed.

I suggest you purchase an additional 4MB JEIDA memory expansion card
(about DM 100 = $ 56), don't buy the original from HP as it is much
more expansive.  They are also available with 1MB, 2MB, and 8MB in

When I had the original 1 MB memory in my Laserjet 5L (very similiar
to your model) I had problems printing some pages with a lot of text
(e.g. a2ps double-sided), the printer was unable to compress this
information to fit in 1 MB and left out some pixel (it did not even
switched to 300dpi).

The additional memory will also allow you to use download-fonts (is
this supported by ghostscript?) and buffer some pages.


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