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Re: Memory and printing

 Hamish Moffatt <hamish@debian.org> wrote that Paul Huygen
<phuygen@xs4all.nl>  wrote:

> I do almost everything with LaTeX via Postscript (Ghostscript). When I
> bought an HP LJ5 printer with 1 Mb of memory I soon discovered that
> that amount of memory was utterly insufficient for even simple text
> pages. So I added 4 Mb of memory (to a total of 5 Mb), and since then I
> have never had any problem, even with the most complicated graphics.

and then Hamish asked:

>Is that a straight LaserJet 5? Like Ben I have the 5L and have
>never run out of memory printing (at 300dpi), either direct PCL stuff
>from Windows or conversions from ghostscript.

Yes, it is a straight LaserJet 5L. However, I find 600dpi much more
beautiful than 300dpi. Therefore I use the printer at 600dpi, which
costs app. 4 times as memory as 300dpi does. Furthermore, I presume
that at least Windows uses the fonts that are built into the
printer which is economical. Standard LaTeX however, uploads it own
fonts to the printer and this adds to the memory consumption of course.


Paul Huygen

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