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Re: local e-mail message delivery from isp

David Stern writes:
> My question is: What is a good method to go about checking for and
> delivering messages?  Is there some slick app (gui or otherwise) that
> automates this procedure, or should I hack my chatscript to run
> something (what are my options?) at connect time and schedule cron to
> connect every so often (or possibly just check every so often when I'm
> connected, I haven't decided how often I want to check yet), or is there
> an even better way to handle this ritual?  My isp provides pop3, imap2,
> imap4, if that helps. 
> I've read many related docs including howto's, books, works from the
> Debian Documentation Project, but have not made much progress. If there
> is a good document I should read, please tell.

David, sounds like you need to look into UUCP. I've used UUCP for 9 years now
for mail delivery. UUCP lends itself to easy automation. CRON starts up the
UUCICO daemon at the appointed times and lo and behold, automatic magic!
Ask your ISP if they can provide a UUCP account. (under WINDOZE, the
equivalent programs are bundled under the name of UUPC - note the subtle

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