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Re: user questions .. Thanks

John Scroggins writes:
> the discussion on help for novice users of Debian is of great importance
> to me, as I am a
> "that person" .....

John, everyone has to start somewhere 8-)

> i have monitored this user list and have to say there IS a lot of
> assistance out there ....i have well over 900 pieces of mail in my mail
> folder. This is not a list which is used time to time for high level

Well, do like I've done... Create a subdirectory in your home directory, then
copy all revelent mail into catagories as you read the questions and then the
authoritive answer (like all PPP questions into a PPP folder like ppp.txt).
Then save the folder in your new directory and "gzip" them to save on space.
When you have a problem in an area, simply "cd" to the directory and use "git"
to research the folders. Because you pre-sorted the messages, you'll find
searching them to be quick. Try saving info that you might not be currently
interested in. Further down the road, you may find (like I have) that the info
is very handy.

> to my local DynamIP site..(links my static IP address to my dynamic isp
> connection) I needed a script to help me do that ..no one responded to
> the question.. i was not offended .. i just kept looking .. i found it
> not on the list,but elsewhere ... yes there may be frustrated new users
> who are

I've seen messages about that particular subject. You probably will find them
in the debian-user-digest archive.

Lately, I've started a folder for web sites pertaining to Debian/Linux. It'll
be interesting to see if those sites are still around in 6 months.. 8-)

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