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local e-mail message delivery from isp


My isp provides a "Unix shell account", and because I pick my e-mail up
from different platforms (Mac, PC, NeXT, Unix terms) and locations, it's
been most practical for me to simpy telnet into my isp and run my
(curses-based) e-mail program remotely via dialup networking from home. 

Not one to leave well enough alone, I now want to setup my home Debian
Linux box so that messages are transferred to my local mailspool and I
can run a mail program locally.  I've chosen sendmail to handle the
daemon, exmh as a mail program, and I've run through the initial
configuration for each. 

My question is: What is a good method to go about checking for and
delivering messages?  Is there some slick app (gui or otherwise) that
automates this procedure, or should I hack my chatscript to run
something (what are my options?) at connect time and schedule cron to
connect every so often (or possibly just check every so often when I'm
connected, I haven't decided how often I want to check yet), or is there
an even better way to handle this ritual?  My isp provides pop3, imap2,
imap4, if that helps. 

I've read many related docs including howto's, books, works from the
Debian Documentation Project, but have not made much progress. If there
is a good document I should read, please tell.

David Stern

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