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Re: local e-mail message delivery from isp

At 06:37 PM 11/17/97 -0800, David Stern wrote:
This is a question that I had recently.  The answer seemed to be to use
fetchmail to receive mail from your ISP's POP server.  Then use procmail
loaclly to distribute.

I changed the appear script in the Linux Journal article "Ghosting onto the
to periodically during business hours dial up and check mail.  I also use
diald so the connection process is transparent.  

I asked about local mail delivery because fetchmail doesn't recognize the
addressing that some mailing lists use.  The previous mail server I used
was "Communigate" on the Mac.  Distribution rules were clear and easy.  

Joe Stewart

>My question is: What is a good method to go about checking for and
>delivering messages?  Is there some slick app (gui or otherwise) that
>automates this procedure, or should I hack my chatscript to run
>something (what are my options?) at connect time and schedule cron to
>connect every so often (or possibly just check every so often when I'm
>connected, I haven't decided how often I want to check yet), or is there
>an even better way to handle this ritual?  My isp provides pop3, imap2,
>imap4, if that helps. 

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