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Re: LILO problems with NT OS loader

On Mon, Nov 17, 1997 at 11:23:19AM -0700, Robert Goodwin wrote:
> I'm having a bit of a problem getting my OS loader to boot Linux using
> LILO.  I downloaded some instructions from www.windows-nt.com/multiboot on
> this but they aren't working correctly although it seems like they should.  
> what I've done is first installed LILO in the superblock of my linux
> partition like so:
> lilo.conf:
> -----------
> # Start LILO global section
> boot=/dev/hdd1

> interzone:/etc# /sbin/lilo
> Warning: /dev/hdd is not on the first disk
> Warning: BIOS drive 0x82 may not be accessible
> Warning: BIOS drive 0x82 may not be accessible
> Warning: BIOS drive 0x82 may not be accessible
> Added linux *
> I think this is probably the source of my problems perhaps
> resulting from the drive's cyls being 1048.  could this be a prob
> booting with LILO?  currently I am booting with a boot floppy that I

No, it's just like it says -- BIOS drive 0x82 (the first "Winchester drive"
ie hard drive is 0x80) is probably not visible to the BIOS, so you
probably can't boot from it. Actually, these days it probably IS
visible to the BIOS, but you probably still can't boot from it.

> after running lilo I then try to create a boosect.lnx file to point
> the NT OS loader at by 
> 	dd if=/dev/hdd1 of=/fatpart/bootsect.lnx bs=512 count=1
> I then added the line:
> 	c:\boosect.lnx="Linux"
> to NT boot.ini.  

> When I select this option now all it does is start repeating 04 04 04 and
> after each 04 my hard drive goes click.  not good.

Glad you got this far; I tried this method and all I got was NT
when I tried to boot Linux, or no Linux entry at all. What you really
want is a program called bootpart (bootpa20.zip, not sure where--
use archie or a web search), which will put in a special boot sector
which NTLoader can boot, which will then load LILO. I don't know
if it will handle your booting from hdd though, but I'm willing
to guess that NTLoader definately can't handle that.

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