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Re: mail domain

On Fri, 14 Nov 1997, Nathan E Norman wrote:

> It's a problem at your server, as I said.  The solution is to make sure
> that a line like
> 		IN	NS	ns.3dillusion.com
> actually reads
> 		IN	NS	ns.3dillusion.com.
> as Carey pointed out, or you could do
> 		IN	NS	ns
> but this is not recommended.
> Yes, there's a big difference!  BIND appends the domain name to any name
> it finds that does not end with a "."  Reread the docs if you don't
> understand this.

... it already is 'ns.3dillusion.com.' in both the SOA and NS records.
Maybe you checked before I added the dots to the SOA records..  can you
check it again?


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