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Re: mail domain

On Fri, 14 Nov 1997, Paul Miller wrote:

: On Fri, 14 Nov 1997, Nathan E Norman wrote:
: > On 14 Nov 1997, Carey Evans wrote:
[ snip ]
: > 
: > Notice the absence of "ns.3dillusion.com!
: Is this a problem w/ my name server, InterNIC, or tcimet.net and what
: needs to be done?

It's a problem at your server, as I said.  The solution is to make sure
that a line like

		IN	NS	ns.3dillusion.com
actually reads
		IN	NS	ns.3dillusion.com.
as Carey pointed out, or you could do
		IN	NS	ns
but this is not recommended.

Yes, there's a big difference!  BIND appends the domain name to any name
it finds that does not end with a "."  Reread the docs if you don't
understand this.

: > So, in my earlier post when I say you're set up all right, I was
: > incorrect ... the DNS at your site is wrong.  What I find interesting is
: > that it seems to be sane at the other two servers ...
: .. I only own 1 IP,, is this a problem?

The problem is that your server is not authoritative for your domain.  I
have no idea why the other two name servers contain different records
then yours, but you ought to talk to the administrators of those
machines ONCE you have fixed yours, and ensure that they are
secondarying your server.

: -Paul

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