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Re: mail domain

On Thu, 13 Nov 1997, Paul Miller wrote:

> it was set to (none) ... changing it to 3dillusion.com also had no
> effect..  I don't think I have the NIS package installed, what is it?

I have a similar problem; when I run pine I get the message
   incomplete maildomain "annette"
   Return address in mail you send may be incorrect
Like you, my /etc/defaultdomain is correct and I created /etc/domainname,
and /cat/sys/kernel/domainname returned (none) so I changed it to

The only clue I have is that I think the problem started when I upgraded
using Hamm about a week ago.  I upgrade every few days, so if there was a
problem it was with a package that was updated last week.  But, then I
would expect everyone to have the same problem, which would then
magically disappear at the next update.

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