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Re: Writing CD images (not under Linux)

This is from ftp://ftp.kernel.org/pub/linux/distributions/debian/OfficialCD/1.3.1/CD_Writer_Instructions.txt .
The list of drives is probably out-of-date, check their web site.


Golden Hawk file2cd

There is a "freeware" track-at-once CD-writer program for DOS systems called
"file2cd". You can find it at
http://www.mainstream.net/goldenhawk/cdrom/freeware.html .

It runs on Creative CDR4210, Grundig CDR100IPW, HP 4020i and 6020i, JVC
XR-W2001/2010, Kodak PCD-600 and PCD225, Olympus CDS615E and CDS620E,
Panasonic CW7501, Philips 521, CDD2000, CDD2600, Pinnacle
RCD-1000/5020/5040, Pioneer DW-S114X, Plasmon CDR4240, Plasmon RF4100,
Ricoh MP6200S, RO-1420C, RS-1060C, Sony CDU-920S, CDU-940S, Teac
CD-R50S, Yamaha CDR100, CDR102, CDR200, and CDR400.

It is very simple to use. To write the Debian binary CD using file2cd, run:

        file2cd binary.iso /postgap

The program is smart enough to find the CD-R drive and use it if there
is only one choice.

        Reported by: Brett Watson <BWATSON@saus.au.sony.com.sg>
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