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Re: smail configuration

I have a similar problem.
In the meantime, I am using the "internet site" option (the first one). And I 
am adding to my mail the Reply-to field, where I am write my ISP address 

I tried to follow something that was posted on the list, which suggets adding 
some fields to the transports configuration. To be more specific, I tried to 
change my smtp entry in the /etc/smail/transports file, by adding the lines
	insert_header="From: beitamos@netvision.net.il"
But it didn't work, and I don't understand why.

On Tue, 04 Nov 1997 23:31:03 EST, David S. Zelinsky wrote:
> I have what must be a common mail setup, but I've never figured out the
> "right" way to configure smail.
> I connect to the Internet from my home machine by ppp through a commercial
> service provider, with dynamic IP.
> I have all my mail (to me from other people) sent to my account on the ISP,
> where I fetch it using a POP3 client.  So far so good.
> I also want all outgoing mail to go directly by SMTP, unless it's destined for
> the local host -- e.g. system messages to root.
> Now smailconfig gives several options:
>  (1) Internet site: you send and receive Internet mail on this
>     machine, using SMTP over TCP/IP.
> This mostly works, if I just give it my local host name, `home', but outgoing
> messages say they're from `david@home' which is not a valid domain name, as
> far as the outside world is concerned.  Aside from confusing people, some SMTP
> servers aparently reject my outgoing mail, because they can't resolve the
> domain.  I've been able to get around this by using emacs mail mode, and
> hacking sendmail.el to call `sendmail -f zelinsky@us.net' (my ISP account).
> Though this seems to work, it has obvious shortcomings.
>  (2) UUCP to smarthost (upstream site):
> Nope, I don't use UUCP.
>  (3) Satellite system:
>     No mail is to be delivered or routed here.  Any mail generated
>     on this system is sent to a central mail switch using SMTP.
> This is no good, because local mail doesn't work.
>  (4) Local delivery only:
>  (5) No configuration:
> These won't do, either.
> What's the right way to do this?  Thanks in advance for any help.
> =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
> David S. Zelinsky
>  zelinsky@us.net
> =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

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