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smail configuration

I have what must be a common mail setup, but I've never figured out the
"right" way to configure smail.

I connect to the Internet from my home machine by ppp through a commercial
service provider, with dynamic IP.

I have all my mail (to me from other people) sent to my account on the ISP,
where I fetch it using a POP3 client.  So far so good.

I also want all outgoing mail to go directly by SMTP, unless it's destined for
the local host -- e.g. system messages to root.

Now smailconfig gives several options:

 (1) Internet site: you send and receive Internet mail on this
    machine, using SMTP over TCP/IP.

This mostly works, if I just give it my local host name, `home', but outgoing
messages say they're from `david@home' which is not a valid domain name, as
far as the outside world is concerned.  Aside from confusing people, some SMTP
servers aparently reject my outgoing mail, because they can't resolve the
domain.  I've been able to get around this by using emacs mail mode, and
hacking sendmail.el to call `sendmail -f zelinsky@us.net' (my ISP account).
Though this seems to work, it has obvious shortcomings.

 (2) UUCP to smarthost (upstream site):

Nope, I don't use UUCP.

 (3) Satellite system:
    No mail is to be delivered or routed here.  Any mail generated
    on this system is sent to a central mail switch using SMTP.

This is no good, because local mail doesn't work.

 (4) Local delivery only:
 (5) No configuration:

These won't do, either.

What's the right way to do this?  Thanks in advance for any help.

David S. Zelinsky

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