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Re: xplaycd works without sound output

Quoting Joost Kooij :
-> On Mon, 3 Nov 1997, TING Ching-Hua wrote:
-> > Problems:
-> > 1. xplaycd works only in the root account.
-> > 2. In a user account xplaycd cannot access the CDROM. It always wants 
-> > to access '/dev/cdrom'. The system always complains 'Permission 
-> > denied'.
-> > 3. No sound.
-> You'll want to add the users that must be able to read the raw cdrom
-> device (as opposed to a mounted filesystem on the cdrom) to the cdrom
-> group. The same with group audio.
-> This is done with the adduser command.
->   adduser <username> <groupname>

This worked for me too. However, this user will be permanently in
the groups audio and cdrom. Note that a similar scenario exists
for the group floppy of those who can access /deb/fd*. 

I'm wondering if a user can be added to the groups audio, cdrom
and floppy only if he or she is at the console. This behavior can
be enforced on text virtual consoles by uncommenting the appropriate
line in the config file for /bin/login in /etc/somefile (I can't
remember the name, now). Can the same thing be done for X? 


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