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Re: xplaycd works without sound output

ettore@math.sunysb.edu (Ettore Aldrovandi) writes:

> -> This is done with the adduser command.
> -> 
> ->   adduser <username> <groupname>
> This worked for me too. However, this user will be permanently in
> the groups audio and cdrom. Note that a similar scenario exists
> for the group floppy of those who can access /deb/fd*. 
> I'm wondering if a user can be added to the groups audio, cdrom
> and floppy only if he or she is at the console. This behavior can
> be enforced on text virtual consoles by uncommenting the appropriate
> line in the config file for /bin/login in /etc/somefile (I can't
> remember the name, now). Can the same thing be done for X? 

from /etc/login.def
# List of groups to add to the user's supplementary group set
# when logging in on the console (as determined by the CONSOLE
# setting).  Default is none.
CONSOLE_GROUPS		floppy:audio:cdrom:tape

Don't know what you would like to be done for X.

BTW: tape is the group for accessing st0 and nst0.


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