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Re: other side of remote xdm

> > We'd like to set up some boxes that come up as xterminals, to be used on
> > the remote connections.  I've found the -querey type options for startx,
> > but not for xdm.  We really just want to turn old hardware into remote
> > heads on alphas.  Can anyone make any suggestions?
> Let's call the computer that is supposed to be the X terminal 'local', and
> call the computer that it will connect to 'remote'.
> If you have xdm set up and running with the standard config files on
> 'remote', there should be no problem. On 'local', just run something like

> # X -query <ip_of_remote>

The problem, though, is that this requires that a user already be logged
into the local host.  I need to find a way to use xdm, so that only the
remote host is logged into.  logins on the local host add another layer
of complexity that those who allocate machines won't understand.


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