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Re: other side of remote xdm

On Sat, 1 Nov 1997, Rick Hawkins wrote:

> We'd like to set up some boxes that come up as xterminals, to be used on
> the remote connections.  I've found the -querey type options for startx,
> but not for xdm.  We really just want to turn old hardware into remote
> heads on alphas.  Can anyone make any suggestions?

Let's call the computer that is supposed to be the X terminal 'local', and
call the computer that it will connect to 'remote'.

If you have xdm set up and running with the standard config files on
'remote', there should be no problem. On 'local', just run something like

# X -query <ip_of_remote>

where <ip_of_remote> would be substituted by the ip number or domain name
of 'remote'.

The only thing that really needs to be installed on 'local' is the X
server. For the fonts you can use the font server installed on 'remote',
but you'd have to set it up properly. If you don't want to do this,
install the fonts on 'local' and let the X server use them.


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