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PPP and NT4.0

I just subscribed, and have spent the last 3.5 hrs reading 
through May,Jun,Jul archives for answers. If this has been 
covered before please tell me which archive to look at.

I am having problems connecting to my Debian Linux system 
from an NT4.0 machine. I have also experienced the same 
problem with Windows98, but not Windows95. (Maybe there's a 
Linux detector here.) The NT machine reports bad CRC's on 
most but not all recieved packets. I can just make a telnet 
connection for a few minutes - but no ftp or web. Has 
anyone had this problem before, and is there a fix?

I also intially had a problem with Windows95 machines and 
VanJacobson compression. Image files were very very slow to 
load with lots of timeouts unless I turn of the header 
compression. Is this related to the same problem?? If not 
is there a solution to this one?

Tim Wilson

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