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Re: Samba Samba

Thanks Adam.
I had tried that before. But after I got your response I went and checked
I had write permisions in the bottom directory of
So I made spool and lpd world writeable also. It works now.

Thanks again.  For a while I was wondering whether my message got out,
I got no response.


Adam Shand wrote:

> > How can I persuade Samba to let everyone print ?
> > If user is not admin user I get Access denied writing to the printer
> > when I click on
> > Print. As soon as I add user to admin user then samba prints.
> That is not a samba issue it's an lp issue.  Check permissions on
> everything in /var/spool/lp/<printername>...  Probably only people in the
> admin group have write permissions to the spool directory.
> Adam.

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