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rpc.rquotad running multiple times ???

I am running the quota system on our server. But I was wondering why the
rquotad server is running at least 20 times on this machine ???

I have found the following messages in the daemon.log file in /var/adm:
(I have changed the DNS names)

about 20 times the next line:
Nov  3 11:51:26 (SERVER) rpc.rquotad[258]: connect from  
	(IP Number of server)
and then one line:
Nov  3 11:52:07 (SERVER) inetd[109]: rquotad/rpc/udp server failing 
                          (looping), service terminated 

This is the entry in the /etc/inetd.conf file:

rquotad/1       dgram   rpc/udp wait    root    /usr/sbin/tcpd

I am using the standard  Debian 1.3.1 Distrib.


Dipl. Phys. Peter Biechele, Uni Freiburg, Fakultaet fuer Physik, Abt. Honerkamp,
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