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Re: login process fails with diskless box

On 3 Nov 1997, Christian Leutloff wrote:

> Hi!
> I've set up a diskless Debian system. Mostly based on nfsroot. The
> binaries are from hamm. The X-Server works fine and I can log into
> another server using xdm. BUT I can't log in to the local machine. The
> login prompt comes, but it never asks for a password after typing the
> user name. Where can I search for a solution!? What's login doing
> after getting the user name?

I think the right answer the the question would be 'being started'. The
user name is asked by getty or whatever you run instead of getty. After it
gets the user name, it tries to start login. Are you sure the diskless
computer has a /bin/login?


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