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Re: dselect infinite loop?

On Mon, Oct 27, 1997 at 06:07:51PM -0500, Will Lowe wrote:
> If you note carefully your package selections within the dselect
> "selections" screen,  you'll note that dselect does NOT unselect packages
> after it installs them -- if you select xforms,  install it (via dselect),
> and then run dselect,  it remains selected as "install".  You want to
> change this from "install" to "leave in current state";  this is probably
> done by pressing "=" when the package line is selected -- at this point
> the indicator should change from
> *** to **= or something similar.

Huh?  When I install a package, the indicator goes to ***, but it never
tries to reinstall that package again until a newer version appears.  In
fact, if I *want* to reinstall it, I have to remove it first.

"=" is more meant for special occasions, such as when there is a newer
version but you don't want to upgrade yet.

At least that's what it's supposed to do.  Somebody else will have to
figure out why yours keeps on reinstalling.

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