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Re: The real Debian.org

Orn E. Hansen wrote:
> ^ann 27-Oct-97 skrifar Gernot Bauer:
> > Dave (dc) wrote:
> >> -- Take heed people. This is what happens if you dare challenge the
> >> leadership of the
> >> Debian project.
> > [crap deleted]
> >
> > Can we please filter mails from psycho@paranoia.com from the
> > debian-user-list (and the digest). It was funny in the beginning but
> > this freak just wastes bandwidth.
> >
>   Yeah, and bandwidth costs money... and who wants to pay for opinions
> nobody wants to hear, right?
It seems that he is the ONLY one who is not allowed to become a
debian-maintainer (funny, hmm?). This would be a reason for whining
(sp?) but the whole thing became a crusade against Bruce

>   So, why don't we lock'im in a lunatic assylum... I mean, he doesn't
> share our view of the world... so he must be crazy! No, better yet, let's
> take the JEW and put'im in the Gas chamber... that way, he won't return
> ever!
>   Let's march to Victory! SIEG HEIL!

This is no good topic to make fun of! We - specially in Austria - are
happy that this dark chapter of history is over. Dont let it happen

Gernot Bauer
University of Linz


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