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Re: new debian user questions

On 22 Oct 1997 john@dhh.gt.org wrote:
> Yes, I'm fairly familiar with it, having used it to (among other things)
> configure cnews since the early 1980's.  However, I was responding to
> someone who claimed that every Debian package includes a config tool.

Having read the original post, I was under the impression that this would
be a desirable state, not necessarily an expression of the current state.

That is, the original statement was made in response to the suggestion
that Debian would be better off with several distinct small tools; the
respondent meant to express (I believe) that this approach would fit well
with Debian's packaging system - I suspect a minor typing slip or
something similar caused them to leave out a word or two, making the
resulting statement something like: (from memory, as I've long since
deleted the message)
"This would be good for Debian, because every package has its own
configuration tool".

I believe that this statement came out stronger than was intended.

So... Does diety attempt to integrate the configuration tools that do come
with some of the Debian packages?  And what about the question earlier of
having the configuration menus that appear during initial setup available
without booting from the install CD/floppy?

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